One Token, More Benefits.

We provide you with secure, frictionless access to all areas of the Eldorado platform - including all users and services - via ERD. Manage and transfer your assets, open payment channels, access enhanced functionality and cover any network fees with a single token.Earn and Hold ERD token from and Transfer to to use for Utility bills, ticket booking , recharge or more.

To Know more about Token, Read whitepaper or Visit

To know more about using ERD tokens for daily payment solutions.

How to Earn, Trade and
Spend ERD tokens.

ERD wallet is available on Cloud, Mobile and Web. We support WalletConnect, allowing you to use your ERD Wallet to directly transact on the most popular web3 platforms( External Crypto Wallets), without any risk to your assets or personal data.

1Register & Setup Wallet account

1 email and 1 mobile can have one ERD wallet account, that needs to be email verified.

2Add Funds (BTC) to USD wallet

Make easy BTC payments via a secure gateway, use these funds to purchase packages or withdraw.

3Hold & Earn ERD tokens

Purchase packages and receive 0.6% of daily returns to ERD wallet for 1 year, Profit ERD’s are accessible

4Transfer & Trade ERD tokens

Transfer ERD to to pay for Utilities or Transfer ERD to your Mercatox Exchange, Crex24 Exchange and TradeSatoshi Exchange account.

5Enjoy profit & Rewards

Receive 200+ % of holding profit on every package along with lucrative 25 level referral plan.

Pricing Packages

Choose a Plan that's Right for you. Get ERD token returns on Daily basis directly to your ERD wallet.

Package 1

$ 25

Package 2

$ 100

Package 3

$ 250

Package 4

$ 750

Package 5

$ 3000

Why Choose the ERD token Project ?

ERD Token is not Just a token , it is a well designed Crypto project that aims in delivering advanced digital money solutions. Users can use the ERD token for real world payment solutions and also to perform crypto exchange operations in many popular exchange platforms.

Utility Payments

Pay Electricity bills, water Bills, Gas bills right from your ERD wallet

Recharge Payments

Make DTH, Prepaid, Postpaid and Broadband bills using your ERD balance.

Ticket Booking Payments.

Book national International flights, bus tickets and luxury hotels all from ERD wallet

Trade ERD

We are listing ERD token on major exchange platform (Currently listed on Mercatox Exchange, Crex24 Exchange and TradeSatoshi Exchange). Trade your ERD for the best price you wish.

Insurance and More

ERD Wallet also allows users to buy standard Insurance packages ( or make premium payments) right from your ERD wallet.


We've Got Amazing Plans Successfully Executed and More Exciting things are lined ahead. Kudos to our team !

Feb 2018
Journey Begins
  • Mr.Daniel Smith and other team members collaborated their skills to Plot an amazing Crypto project. The Ideas is to Make Crypto Work like real Money System.
May 2018
Adaption of ERC-20
  • ERD token were generated on ERC-20 Platforms. A Fixed number of tokens with perfect distribution plan.
July 2018
Release WhitePaper
  • White Paper took almost 2 months to complete as the complete project module was completely based in technical details of token
Aug 2018
ERD-Blockchain Wallet
  • Launched ERD Cold Wallet linked with Blockchain, Users can actively store and transact ERD tokens with utmost security and a Primary Destination for token storage.
Sept 2018
Releasing tokens
  • ERD tokens were available to end users in the form of 5 Standard packages. These Packages served daily ERD returns and referral benefits.
Jan 2019
Listing on Trust Wallet
  • ERD tokens were Implied with Trust wallet - The Cloud based crypto wallet which is Popular and most commonly used. Idea to ease the access of ERD token.
Feb 2019
Introducing PayErd app
  • PayERD was launched to serve the purpose of Using ERD tokens for real world Payments like ticket booking, recharge ..etc.
March 2019
Introducing Recharge System
  • We Integrated PayERD platform with all kind of Postpaid/ Prepaid / DTH recharge system using ERD token Including along with other Utility Payments.
April 2019
Flight Ticket Booking
  • Introduced ticket booking System where in users can use ERD token to book Flights, Book Bus and Hotel Booking (Domestic and International).
May 2019
Listing on
  • This was the first Crypto exchange to ERD token to be listed for Open trading. There was an Outstanding trade volume which raised the token price to 0.1$ .
June 2019
Introducing ERD App
  • We Launched Eldorado mobile app Beta version that performed all the operations in the Web app account.
July 2019
Listing on MetaMask
  • Another Wallet like Trust wallet to ensure that the token is easily and Securely available to all the token holders and can easily exchange the token.
Aug 2019
Updating PayERD & ERD App
  • PayErd and ERd app were both took into feedback review and updated with new functional flow, design interface and more features for Users.
Sept 2019
List on TradeSatoshi
  • Yet Another Crypto exchange platform listing. As Promised the Trading team was aggressively working on listing the token on all popular exchanges.
Oct 2019
Listing on Crex24
  • As soon as the news came out of the Closing of , the team immediately listed token on Crex24 exchange to avoid any trading hazzles.
Nov 2019
Listing on More Crypto Wallets
  • Once the token was live on multiple Crypto exchanges we listed token to other wallets like MyEtherwallet, Coinomi, Guarda Wallet and Many more.
Dec 2019
PayERD International Bookings
  • Flight tickets, Hotel Booking will now be made both domestic and International with best price and availability.
Jan 2020
New Exchange Listing.
  • New Year Will begin with some new Token authority expansion acrtivity , one such of it is Listing the token on a New Crypto exchange Platform.
Feb 2020
Launch Sports Fantasy
  • ERD team will surprise the users with a Fantasy Sports Platform allowing ERD holders play fantasy cricket, football, Kabbaddi and other national sports.
March 2020
Launching EldoKart
  • Its a Big Credit! ERD users can soon be able to Shop Brands, Groceries and other products directly from thier ERD wallet. Eldorado e-Commerce Platform.
April 2020
Start Multi-Vendor
  • Eldorado team will allow vendors to list their business and sell products in ERD token blokchain system with ease of business and ERD platform benefit.
May 2020
1$ Target
  • With Consecutive Project Updates and Trading Volume we target to reach the token value to $1/ERD and that will be kicking off to new opportunities.
June 2020
Blockchain Upgrade
  • Eldorado team will Integrate the new version of Blockchain 4X. We will also Procure new Technichal team to strengthen the technology panels.
Aug 2020
The Smart Wallet Development
  • This is an AI based ERD Wallet which will be Implemented to Same ERD wallet with new features like Pro Security and accessibility.
Jan 2021
Crypto Expo
  • ERD team will Organise the World's first Cryptocurrency and Blockchain expo that is planned to be held in DenMark or an Asian Region.
April 2021
Business with ERD
  • This is a Combination of Crypto Payments, Merchants and AI Wallet. A Business Plan that will help us Achieve our dream of Making ERD work as Real Money

Rewards and Benefits

ERD Business plan offers a program that rewards users for Referring on ERD platform and performing bounty for business promotion. It helps user better manage ERD profit and also stay active and updated with market trends. There are currently only 2 types in this program.

Refer and Earn!

ERD wallet has a 25 level referral program that sums up great ERD returns to users.

Win Bounty!

ERD tokens supply holds 10,00,000 tokens to be distributed on verified bounty activities.

ERD Vision

We believe that change is needed: we want to hand back control and security to our users, whoever they are and whatever their needs. We’re working hard to deliver a solution that anyone can understand, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise

Eldorado token will be on TOP Cryptocurrency with a huge trade volume and high exchange price.


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